This system of measure (called J.I.) is so perfect that it has been modified only twice since its 1906! It enables to design different boats but very similar in features and performances. The figures "12", "8" and "6" do not refer to the length of the boat but represent the result of the chosen formula.

5,5 M

Its formula being slightly different  prevents her to have the title " J.I ".



They are represented by all the yachts built before 1974 and modern as well but conserving "the Spirit". They are so different from each other that it is necessary to class them in six categories and apply complex coefficients of time in order to obtain fair results.

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Dragon race in the East Bay. The "Classes Metriques" in the West Bay. As for the traditional yachts, they start in the West Bay as well, but their routes take them toward to the offshore of the bay in order to avoid the risk of interfering with other categories. Dragon and "Classes Metriques" follow routes called "bananas". It is a very simple type of route but technical. The competitors have to do three sections (leg) sailing upwind that is to say tacking : they are legs 1, 3 and 5 and two legs wind free (2 and 4) which demand technical and tactical options requiring all the skills of regattas.
The axis of the route must be as close to the wind as possible which force the racing comittee to be extremely vigilant at all times, in case of noticeable change in the mind direction, they will modify the position of the buoys and will indicate to the competitors the new route to follow to reach next buoy. It is the race-officers task to raise the "C" flag and to indicate the new route. The "Traditions" use fixed and known buoys. The number of the route is chosen by the comittee at the last moment, depending on the weather forecast, and posted clearly on the comittee boat at the start line.


It is not a coincidence that since 1859 the Yachting Mondial has been chosing Cannes for its venue. Indeed, few bays enjoy an environment so pleasing to the eye. It is certain that its capricious breezes are not always appreciated but it adds to its attraction, as for more than a century the most beautiful yachts of the world have battled against each other in this harmonious bay with the Lérins Islands, the Estérel and Mercantour Mounts as a background view! For more than 70 days a year the bay of Cannes is covered by sails thanks to one of the four nautical clubs organising various regattas. But it is undeniable that the Régates Royales® in the last week of september are the focal point of the season, gathering more than 150 yachts amongst the most beautiful in the world, ranging from 10 to 50 m! For a week, these splendid yachts often hundred years old, battle with no mercy but however always demonstrating fair play. Navigating close to the beaches and jetties they offer a show of a rare beauty to hundreds of spectators, connaisseurs and profanes from the four corners of Europe. One only needs to walk leiseruly along the seaside of the quays before and after the races to feel the presence of the sea.


The Regates Royales® gather every year more than 150 yachts, of all sizes, that is to say a bit more than one thousand crew members to which one must add the technical assistants, visitors and of course  the national and international press not forgetting the Racing Comittee, the International Jury, the institutional and commercial partners. In whole, 1 500 people live on the site of the Vieux Port de Cannes put at the disposal of the Régates Royales® by the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Nice-Côte d'Azur for 10 days. It is an incredible dance of pontoons, moorings and marquees which animates port during the three days that separate the Boat Show (Festival International de la Plaisance) and the Régates Royales®. An act of skill for the staff of the Port de Cannes and the builders of the Village. Because it is a real "minipole" which invade the drydock on nearly its whole area in order to welcome the sportive and administrative structures essential to such an important international event. We must no forget the need for shelter in case of bad weather (very rare in Cannes, but one never knows...) enabling the Régates Royales® ' partners to carry on their public relation's activities as well as enabling the highly chosen specialists firms to show their products to the crew and the public as the Régates Royales® are opened to everybody. Thus competitors, as well as visitors and spectators feel at home either on land or at sea in a friendly and cosy site. All this is situated on the doorsteps of the numerous hotels and restaurants bordering the Vieux Port, in the heart of town! They will be able to dine in the mild september evenings admiring the forest of masts illuminated by spotlights.



Keel boat with 3 men, 8,90 m long, 1,7 t and 62m2 of sail. Dragon has participate in the Olympic Games from 1948 to 1972.  To celebrate the year 2000, there will be a French Championship "open" (that is to say open to all nations) for Dragon. 75 to 80 boats will be gathered representing 12 nations equivalent to a World Championship. Dragon race in the East Bay (Golfe-Juan side) following "banana" routes (up and down in the axis of the wind).